Short Term Accommodation London

Fully-serviced, well-appointed apartments in smart locations across London, ideal for a city break with the girls or a weekday pied-a-terre while you’re closing that deal or attending a course or conference.  More private and more flexible than a typical hotel stay: your own kitchen, your own workspace (smart TV and wifi/broadband as standard), your own living space. 

City Road London

Short Term Lets London

Equipped with all the modern facilities to cater to all your needs we offer a range of 1 bedroom and 2 bedrooms apartments. The apartments are newly renovated and fully furnished with all the comforts of home.

Cannon Street London

Short term Accommodations in London
Situated 2 minutes walking distance from Cannon Street Station, in peaceful Abchurch Yard, our studio apartments offers the ultimate location for business and travellers alike.
Smart City’s high quality apartments and studios in convenient locations are very competitively priced when compared to Central London hotels and they offer so much more.  Live your life at your pace, whether that is night owl or early bird.  Cook for yourself or have our local takeaway partners on speed dial.   Leap out of bed and head to our local partner gym, or roll over and hit snooze. 

Earn your daily bread or burn the midnight oil.  London is a 24/7 city, a centre for business and leisure, so make sure your accommodation reflects that.  A Smart City apartment gives you all you need to get the most out of our fabulous city.